SSS 2022 CFP Membership Survey
The SSS Executive Office is asking for your input and situation regarding academic travel and SSS 2022. It would help our team with the meeting planning process to get some information from you about your needs and preferences.

Please fill this out by September 15th, 2021.

Thank you!
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SSS would like to ask you some questions about your likelihood of attending SSS 2022. First, if the meeting were to be held in person, would you currently plan on attending the conference?
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If the SSS 2022 were held entirely in person would you participate?
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SSS is exploring hybrid/virtual submissions for those who could not attend an in-person conference. Are you interested in a hybrid/ virtual submission option for SSS 2022?
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Is your institution providing travel funds that could offset the costs of attending an in-person SSS meeting?
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Under what conditions would a face-to face meeting feel safe to you? Check all that apply:
Are your SSS membership dues current?
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Which of the following previous conferences did you attend?
Does your institution currently have travel restrictions in place?
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What else would you like to share with Executive Office and/or the SSS 2022 Program Team as we make decisions about SSS 2022?
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