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In exchange for contributing your knowledge, we will assist you in growing your brand, broadening your social media presence and developing a following of loyal readers.

If you are a provider with Holistically Refined, and you would like to become contributor, you also have the opportunity to get selected to be featured on our blog and/or interviewed on our various social media platforms.

We will give you unprecedented access to our loyal and growing Facebook audience. Your best advice and most valuable insights will be shared throughout an established network of alternative health pages with a combined readership in the thousands and growing. If you have something to say, we’ll make sure it gets heard.

Every article you contribute will include your social media profile and your biographical information, credentials and links to your personal website, blog and/or social media links. Your contribution will be posted on our contributor's page where people can learn more about your specialties and what you have to offer.

What We Have Already Done for Our Contributors

What we have presented doesn’t just sound good in theory, we’ve already enjoyed tremendous success with our most enthusiastic contributors, helping to spread their message and build their brand. Also, if you are a seller on our site and want to become a contributor, it will be a great opportunity to allow our readers to see your expertise in a subject that relates to your services and/or products that you offer.

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