Registration for The Soil Safari
Visit the enchanted universe of creatures that lives under our feet! Make them a lunch and see how they say thanks by growing us our food! Experience how nature works in symbiosis and how food, bugs and dirt make up our soil-foodweb

For Students In Grades 2-6
Fridays  9 a.m.- 12 noon
4540 Ocean View Boulevard,
San Diego, CA 92113

$15 per student if paying out of pocket. Sponsorships are available. Please check the box in the form below if you'd like to receive a sponsorship for this field trip program.

Questions? - Please email

1. Teachers are instructed to bring in a bag of trash and recyclables they have generated in class during the previous week.
2. We start with a sorting exercise where ‘Soil Safari’ instructor leads students to separate the materials from their bag into three categories – ‘Recycle’, ‘Trash’ and ‘Compost’
3. The material we collect in the ‘compost’ category is going to be the ingredients with which we ‘Make Lunch for Mama Earth’.
4. Students go to the compost area and add the ingredients into an active pile. We break open into another pile and examine the various physical and chemical features – steam, heat, fungi, bugs, odors, moisture, mulch, foodscraps……
5. We talk about how everything is working in symbiosis.
6. We sift some soil from the finished batch.
7. Students come back to the table area and we make a poster of 'My Pile is 140 Degrees!'
8. Students end the day with planting seeds into the community garden bed, tend to and harvest the fruits and vegetables.
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