2018 Carrollton Boosters Basketball Sponsorship Forms
If you have any questions or difficulties with this form, please contact:

Missy McLellan: DevelopmentCoordinator@carrolltonboosters.org
Betsy Laborde: bblaborde@gmail.com or 504-491-3218
Rini Marcus: rinimarcus@aol.com or 504-261-0119

Thanks so much for sponsoring!!

The league your child will be playing this season:
The first and last name of the child you are sponsoring or if you would like to have your sponsorship float (your child would not be on the team you sponsor) please enter "float" below
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Would you like a company logo on your shirts? If yes, and you have sponsored before your logo will be on file with us
Provide your company name, but ONLY IF you would like a company logo on your shirts, as answered in the preceding question
If you do not want a company logo on the shirts, please leave blank
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What would you like to name the team you are sponsoring?
If you want Carrollton to pick a team name, please leave blank
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Will you provide a team logo for your team name?
Shirt Color Chart
Could you please provide your top 3 shirt colors in order of preference?
You can view a shirt color chart above. If you would like Carrollton to pick the color, please leave blank. To see what has already been chosen in your league, you can click the following link: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1w1KdxtXt7OyjcRROGv6gEba6OpWzeiyFPRSns7t5B0A/edit?usp=sharing
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What ink color would you like on the shirts you are sponsoring?
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Any notes or comments regarding your sponsorship
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