FREE Self-Defense Class with Janet Gee: Enrollment Information
FALL 2019

August 17-October 12; 12:00-1:50pm, no class Aug. 3
October 19-December 20; 12:00-1:50pm, no class Nov. 30

WHERE: Mission Campus 109 (1125 Valencia Street, San Francisco)

ALL AGES: 14+ SFUSD high school students welcome with parent/guardian AND school permission form available here:

This form is not an enrollment form. By signing up here, you are helping us to have a more accurate prediction of the class size and to anticipate any class needs. We ask for your phone number so that we can send you a reminder prior to class starting.

To officially enroll, show up to class in person. As long as there is still space in the class, the instructor will continue to accept in-person enrollments during the first three class meetings.

Please note that we are offering a second section of this eight-week Self-Defense course during the second half of the semester.

Upon completion of this course a student will be able to:

A. Demonstrate centering and grounding techniques.
B. Identify areas of vulnerability on assailant's body and areas of strength on own body.
C. Demonstrate strong, assertive verbal skills.
D. Demonstrate defensive physical skills.
E. Identify violence prevention strategies in public settings.
F. Identify violence prevention strategies in personal relationships.
G. Summarize psychological and physical self-defense skills and primary self-defense

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