Supervised discussion group
Every Thursday 4.00- 5:00 pm IST.

You shall receive the link of Google Meets on your email ID. Triple check your email ID, many mails bounce back due to a typo error.
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I hereby acknowledge the group's rules that I shall not bully, discriminate, or stalk any of the group members online/offline and shall maintain the decorum of the group. The group facilitator shall lead the group and I shall speak with their permission. The facilitator has the right to mute me or remove me from the discussion if my behavior or presence is unhelpful to the interest of others, and is at the sole discretion of the facilitator. I won't disturb the group. However, I shall contribute to the skill learning of others. If I attend physically at the training center, I declare that I am not at risk of COVID-19, have not been exposed to anyone who has a known infection. I do not have cough, cold, loss of smell or taste, or fever. I take full responsibility to protect myself and others during the discussion. I will not hold the organizers responsible if in case I get infected with the Novel Corona Virus. I may be denied entry in case I am found to have signs of COVID-19 *
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