SD Expo Volunteer Sign-up
Interested in working to make the Support Driven Expo on 22 July 2017 more awesome? We could use your help! We have a lot of jobs and no shifts will take up more than 1/2 of the event, leaving you free to attend at least half of it. Most of the jobs don't have any special skills required, but we'll take note of your relevant skills and availability and match you up with the right position.

We’ll be in touch within a week of your submission to confirm your shift and complementary ticket, or to request more information if we need it.

If you have questions, please contact the volunteer coordinator:

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Please let us know if you can be available work in the morning. We'll only assign you one shift!
Please let us know if you can be available work in the afternoon. We'll only assign you one shift!
Are you comfortable in an extroverted role & don't mind working primarily with attendees?
Are you technically savvy - have set up a stereo system and could help with simple computer/networking issues?
Any other special skills or situations we should be aware of?
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