HC Swim(Gym) Camp Registration Form
Dear swimmers,

aquaDucks organises Swim Holiday Camps during the summer holidays for children from 5 to 14 years old.
This summer, in collaboration with IFC we also organise SwimGym camps for children from 8 to 14 years old. These camps are a combination of our regular Learn to Swim Camp and Strength and Power Fitness Training @ HC Gym.

The Learn To Swim Camp is a combination of 4 swimming lessons and playtime.
Age: 5,6,7 years old
Days: Monday/Wednesday/Friday
Competition and Development class
- Starts
- Turns
- Stroke Development

The Gym Camp is a combination of:
- 1.5 hour Strength and Power Fitness training @ Gym
- 1.5 hour Conditioning Training in the pool.
Days: Tuesday, Thursday
Age: 8-14 years old

Camp dates: (you can sign up per day)

Week 2: 26 June/27 June/28 June (24 / 25 June is full)
Week 3: 1 July/ 2 July/ 3 July / 4 July/ 5 July
Week 4: 8 July/ 9 July/ 10 July / 11 July/ 12 July
Week 5: 15 July/ 16 July/ 17 July / 18 July/ 19 July
Week 6: 22 July/ 23 July/ 24 July / 25 July/ 26 July
Week 7: 29 July/ 30 July/ 31 July / 1 Aug / 02 Aug
Week 8: 05 Aug/ 06 Aug / 07 Aug / 08 Aug
Week 9: 13 Aug / 14 Aug/15 Aug / 16 Aug

Camp fees:
Members: SGD 72.50 (incl. GST) per day per child | 9am-12:30pm (including snack)
Non-members: SGD 80 (incl. GST) per day per child | 9am-12:30pm (including snack)

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Current Swimming Skills (only for non HC swimmers):
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I, the parent from the above section, hereby undertake to indemnify Swim Centre Verhoef (AquaDucks) and the Hollandse Club against any liability, expense, cost or proceedings whatsoever arising in respect of any personal injury or death of any person or damage to any property arising out of or suffered as a result of participation in the above course/activity. I, the applicant accept all the terms and conditions of this form.

Cancellation is possible up to 5 days before the reserved camp dates.

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