Staff Application Form
Please be honest and sincere when doing the application. DO NOT ask any other staff members what the status of your application is. It usually takes 1-3 days to get the results of the application and if denied, you can make a new application. This application is for those seeking to be a staff member, please be as specific as possible and elaborate on your answers where possible. All the best.
Please ensure that:
- you do not mention punishment lengths
- you do not talk about permissions, take it as you have no permissions
- you check the grammar, punctuation and spelling
- you spend time and effort with the application
- you answer this application honestly
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General questions
Questions about yourself
How often can you play a week? (Total hours) *
Do you have a microphone? *
What is your timezone in GMT/UTC timezone format? (example: GMT+8) *
Give us a good, lengthy description about you to get to know you better (about 150 words or more without getting too personal) *
You can include your hobbies, however do not talk about anything Minecraft mechanics related or personal details
Give us a paragraph (about 150 words) on how you can contribute on the server and as a staff member, and why you would do that: *
Requirements: about 150 words
Have you been staff (not owner, or co-owner) on another server before? *
If yes, which server was it?
How many players did it usually get (on average)?
What kind of server was it?
Are you passionate about Minecraft? *
Do you agree that if you ask any staff member about your application, your application may be denied? *
Do you agree that if you don't follow any server rules, you may be demoted or removed from the server? *
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