LatinPerDiem: Gregory the Great, Regula Pastoralis 3
This is a short quiz based on LatinPerDiem: Gregory the Great Regula Pastoralis 3. Go to the following URL and watch the video before answering these questions.
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0 points
To what two groups does Gregory address his book? *
1 point
What case and use are both "quadripartita" and "disputatione"? *
2 points
True or False: "distinguitur" is a passive verb. *
1 point
In what mood is the verb "gradiatur"? *
2 points
True or False: "Gradiatur" is a deponent verb. *
2 points
What declension is the noun "allegationibus"? *
2 points
What is the correct parsing of "passibus"? *
2 points
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