Survey on Asian Hate Crimes In Brookline
Recently, the Brookline Select Board announced its solidarity against racism toward Asian-Americans and Pacific Islanders. On Tuesday, March 23, 2021, the Brookline Select Board unanimously unequivocally condemns all forms of racism, racist and other violence, and the hatred of women that recurrently accompanies these Asian Hate crimes which appears to be a factor in the Atlanta Murders. 250 Brookline leaders and community members signed a petition condemning Asian Hate Crimes. As a result, this survey was created. Please take a few minutes and answer the questions with any information you have witnessed or been a victim of hate crimes in Brookline.
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Please share all race and/or ethnicities to which you identify.
Would you like to be contacted or stay anonymous? If you'd like to be contacted, please include your information below.
Have you experienced any form of hostility since the beginning of Covid? If so, how?
Did the incident happen in Brookline?
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What was your perception of the race/ethnicity of the person(s) who exhibited the hostility?
Did any bystander(s) assist in mitigating the behavior of the person(s) who exhibited the hostility?
Where did the incident happen?
Around what time did the incident happen?
How old are you?
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How old do you think the perpetrator was?
Has your family member or friend experienced any hostility, bullying, name calling, or anything else you'd like to mention?
Were you called any derogatory names this year?
Have you experienced hostility or derogatory names in the last 5 years?
Did you report the incident to someone who has authority?
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