Boston Abortion Support Collective Volunteer Application
Please read this in its entirety before applying!

We collect applications on a rolling basis and host trainings once we have a big enough group of interested volunteers. As of right now, concrete dates for our next volunteer training are still in the works. Once we reach that point, we will provide details about the time and place of the training, and reach out to confirm whether you'd still like to be considered for a volunteer position. So for now, fill out the following application and we'll follow up with you as soon as we have news.

This is a training for people who are interested in and committed to joining the Boston Abortion Support Collective (BASC) as a volunteer. BASC is a collective of people who offer support before/during/and after an abortion. All BASC volunteers participate in organizational elements of the group, including teams and task forces, such as our education, communication, and clinic relations teams. Volunteers also have opportunities to participate in the leadership of the organization.

Completing an abortion support training is the first step toward joining BASC. All BASC volunteers must commit to serving at least 25 volunteer hours per year. These hours can include all-volunteer meetings (2-3 hour meetings held 4-6 times a year), team or task force meetings/work, affinity group meetings, and abortion support or phone line work. At this time we are unable to accept applications from people who do not live in the Boston area and are not planning to join BASC after the training. Submitting an application is an indication of a commitment to volunteer for at least one year, so please do not hesitate to contact us if you have further questions about what this entails.

No previous abortion support experience or training is required to participate. The training will provide basic information about abortion procedures and access, as well as tools and information for supporting a person having an abortion. There will be opportunity to practice via role plays and exercises. As a reproductive justice organization that centers anti-racism within our work, a significant portion of the training is dedicated to understanding reproductive justice, and centering the voices and experiences of people of color who self identify as queer, trans and gender non conforming, disabled (our definition of disabled includes people experiencing emotional, mental and physical disabilities) and those who have experienced immigration. By centering these voices, we hope to provide a platform for folx to discuss, within an inclusive and intentional space, systems of oppression that affect people’s reproductive experiences with specificity around access, ability and support to get an abortion.

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