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UBI (Important) - On the product label. Enter nine zeros if there is not one. (i.e. 000000000). Take a photo and share with us if possible (hg420mag@gmail.com).
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Enter processor's identification number, or UBI, if there is one.
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Write what the producer has disclosed. (Examples: neem, essential oils, Clean Green Certified, etc.) If they've disclosed none, write "None". Some list a website, and others use a QR code to save precious label space.
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Following the model of Washington State, enter Total THC here. This is the sum of all THCA (the acid form) and any active THC present in the sample. It is often listed on the label as "Total THC".
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Following the model of Washington State, enter Total CBD here. This is the sum of all CBDA (the acid form) and any CBD present in the sample. It is often listed on the label as "Total CBD".
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Total Cannabinoids (%)
Not a requirement as of Jan 1, 2020. Some will still include it.
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Rate the package for ease of composting, recycling or other reuse *
OUR PLANET IS IMPORTANT: Please give a rating of 5 only if the package is Reusable, Collectible or Attractive and begging for a spot in your home or collection for life; Or is 100% compostable. (5) Middle ratings are up to you: Could stickers be made easier to remove before composting? Perhaps they could be attached another way. (4 to 1) Plastic doob tubes, as small pieces, deserve a rating of 1 because they recycle so very poorly. They only get re-used if YOU re-use them. (1); And finally - Non-recyclable, seldom re-used plastics, such as large or small zips, small plastic jars, plastic bags, etc. (0) You be the judge; if you feel this package is destined for the landfill without another use, please give it a zero.
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If no strain is specified, indicate "none". For edibles, identify the specific product by descriptive name. Non-trademarked names are better (e.g. dark chocolate truffle, boysenberry-flavored fruit gels, sour mango mints, orange-berry soda, etc.), but we know sometimes trade names for products like "Galacti-Cola" must be used.
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