High School Application for Scholarships
March 1st Application Deadline
High school juniors and seniors in Lyon, Chase, Coffey and Greenwood counties attending Flint Hills Technical College have the opportunity to apply for a scholarship to help offset educational costs while earning both high school and college credit (Technical programs only).

Flint Hills Technical College is providing an opportunity for qualified* high school students to participate in college credit classes without paying tuition! Beginning with the 2012-2013 school year, the Governor of Kansas approved Kansas high school students to access college credit classes that prepare students to work in high demand career fields through the Excellence in CTE Senate Bill.

This opportunity will assist students in acquiring work-ready skills while building a college transcript and develop a skilled workforce for Kansas employers. Without paying a penny in tuition, students are eligible to take qualified* career and technical college credit courses offered through Flint Hills Technical College at the FHTC Emporia locations or through our Online Business Administrative Technology and Power Plant Technology programs.

*Students must have the approval of their high school counselor and/or principal to participate and be enrolled in one of the eligible programs listed.

In addition to having their tuition paid by the state, high school students in Lyon, Chase, Coffey and Greenwood counties now have the opportunity to apply for a scholarship to help offset the remaining costs of their education while concurrently enrolled at FHTC. These costs may include fees, tools, and supplies. This opportunity is available through the Robert S. Rathke Endowed Scholarship.

The Robert S. Rathke Endowed Scholarship
Beginning in the 2015-16 academic year, scholarships in varying amounts to offset the anticipated costs not covered by the state tuition program per semester will be awarded. Payment for the second semester is contingent on satisfactory completion of the fall semester according to the scholarship criteria.

Scholarship funds will be disbursed to FHTC and applied to the recipient’s educational costs which may include fees, required tools and supplies. There is no guarantee all educational costs will be covered. No funds will be disbursed to the student directly. In order for scholarship funding to be credited to a student account all tools and required supplies must be purchased through FHTC. Scholarship recipients will be notified by mail. Upon receiving notice, the recipient must submit a letter of appreciation and thanks to the scholarship sponsor.

To be considered for this scholarship, the candidate must meet and maintain the following criteria set forth in this agreement:

• High School student enrolled in a program of study at FHTC, from a high school in Lyon, Chase, Coffey or Greenwood counties
• High School Minimum Cumulative 2.5 GPA - Verified by transcript
• First Priority to a student that is an orphan or ward of the state or a student from a single parent home
• Second Priority to any high school student
• Students must submit the Scholarship Application and transcripts by the March 1st deadline.

Any unpaid balance for fees, textbooks, tools or required supplies will be due to Flint Hills Technical College after scholarship funds have been applied.

If you have any questions email Erica Clark at eclark@fhtc.edu or call 620-341-1303.

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