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What: Dance Saves Lives: Awakening Radical Joy through Movement

When: September 29-30, 2018

Where: Delridge Community Center, 4501 Delridge Way SW, Seattle, WA 98106

Why: As movement specialists, we know dance has the power to change lives. It has shaped our own and those of our students. During DEAW’s 2017 conference, we dug deep into the work of confronting biases in our field and making access to dance equitable. As a result, we are more aware than ever that nurturing joy through equitable education creates opportunities for lives to change for the better.

We need joy in our work because the experience of moving and dancing is inherently joyful. However, there are still teaching practices, structures, and stigmas that exclude and dishearten students. Those need to be challenged and replaced.

We need joy in our work because experiencing self-love, empowerment, agency, hope, gratitude, resilience and acknowledgement is a vital and radical aspect of how we develop as individuals, how we form trusted communities, and how we change the world.

Cost: As we continue to seek ways to make our organization and field more accessible, we are excited to announce a dramatic reduction in our registration fees for this year's conference! Members will be able to attend our short day on Saturday for only $35 ($90 in 2017), and the full conference will be just $80 ($120 in 2017). Full pricing details below.

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