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Thanks for your interest in K-12 Maker Workshops at the MIT Edgerton Center. We will contact you when we announce dates for upcoming workshop series and other Professional Development opportunities for Maker Educators.
For more information please visit or contact Diane Brancazio at To learn more about the Edgerton Center visit
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Designing and Operating a Makerspace: Includes practice with tool and materials and Project samples
3D Modeling and Printing, basic: learn Tinkercad and learn effective use of 3D printers
3D Modeling and Printing, intermediate: learn Fusion360 and other tools for 3D modeling
Laser Cutter, Vinyl Cutter and 2D modeling, Basic: use Gravit Designer and learn effective use of laser and vinyl cutters
Laser Cutter, Vinyl Cutter, and 2D modeling, Intermediate: learn how to use alternative materials, and techniques
Electronics Basics: principles of electricity, series and parallel circuits, switches, LEDs, buzzers, wiring materials, soldering
Electronics Intermediate: transistors, integrated circuit chips, sensors, breadboards circuits, test equipment, soldering to pc boards
MicroBit Programming, Basic: Coding basics, intro to MicroBit environment, using onboard sensors and interfacing with pushbuttons, servo motors, LEDs, speakers
Arduino programming, Basic: Coding basics, intro to Arduino environment, and use of pushbuttons, distance sensors, servo motors, LEDs
Arduino programming, Intermediate: Functions, data structures, libraries, and interfacing with advanced devices such as magnetometer, accelerometer, GPS, motor controller
Project Design: Designing meaningful Maker projects
Master Making Series: Design meaningful projects and lead/collaborate with others to do the same
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