Would I Lie to the Duke - Secret Identity Escape!
You step out of the luxurious carriage and stare at the elegant colonnade at the front of the Imperial Theatre. As you run a hand over your borrowed evening gown, nerves jangle up and down your spine.

"My goodness, Lady Whitfield, you seem stunned, as though you've never been to the theater before!." Mr. Parley says. The prosperous brewer is a fellow guest at the Bazaar, and  has no idea that you managed to infiltrate your way into the business summit. Tonight, Mr. Parley insists you accompany him, his wife, and two of their wealthy friends to the Imperial, and you have little choice but to agree, although every moment out in society is another opportunity to expose your deception.

You are *not* Lady Whitfield, widow of the late Sir Brantley Whitfield. Both people are inventions from your own imagination. You are simply Miss Jessica McGale, farmer's daughter from Wiltshire, and if desperation hasn't pushed you to this point, you will certainly not be mixing with the elite of London society, pretending to be someone you were not.

"I've never been to *this* theater before," you answer, which is true. But Mr. Parley is correct—farm girls from the country have little experience with attending London theatrical performances, and tonight will be your first.

Yet it could be too dangerous, with the possible threat of exposure. Perhaps you should leave, immediately.

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