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When we have checked the details we will respond to the enquiry or order confirming the details you entered on the form.
If we have any questions or problems with the dates, times or details we will make comments within your confirmation reply.
If you placed an enquiry you need to tell us if you want to go ahead.

If you need cupcakes urgently (less than 2 days) or you don't get your full confirmation email within 1-2 days please ring Jennie on 077 909 525 48 or Keith on 07973 323 382.
Thank you

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These carry a £2 per dozen(12) surcharge. (If you only want part of your order GF please tell us in the Notes area.)
We normally supply in boxes of 12 or 24 but would you like each cake in a plastic hinged pod?
Plastic Pods are 20p each extra but are great for individual cakeaways. (Recyclable)
Anything else... eg.What occasion or Special Age birthday?, Decorate for Man/Lady/Boy/Girl?, Gift Tag message? etc
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Would you like to Hire a 7 Tier Cupcake Stand? (Holds up to 108 cupcakes)
£10 Hire charge (3-4 days) + £30 Deposit + Possible Collection Fee.
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