Brentwood School District - Communications Survey
The Brentwood School District intends to make every effort to keep our community informed. Please take a few minutes to complete this survey to help us better understand how we can meet your communications needs and priorities.

Your responses to this survey are anonymous and we will NOT collect personal details such as email. If you have specific questions, please contact

Please select which option best describes your relationship to the Brentwood School District. *
Please select any buildings where you currently work or have children attending.
Overall, how informed do you feel about the Brentwood School District? *
Not at all informed
Very well informed
Please read through the following statements and rate how much you agree or disagree. *
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Somewhat agree
Totally agree
I frequently see information about successes from Brentwood School District students.
I am well informed about opportunities for Brentwood students.
The community has opportunities to weigh in on school district initiatives.
I understand how my tax dollars are spent on public education
I am proud of the work Brentwood does educating students.
Public education is a valuable part of this community.
I am interested in participating in Brentwood School District events.
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