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Do you know secret stories and exciting facts about your place of residence? Do you feel they would be of interest to travelers? Would you like to create your own tour? We are here to help you 'package' it, distribute it, and assist you in increasing your income.

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All rights in or relating to the material of the proposal remain with you and Clio Muse will not share your proposal with any third party, nor will it exploit it commercially without your consent. It retains, in any case, the right to develop original content with the same or similar theme as your proposal.

Furthermore, you declare and guarantee that the submitted material, in its entirety and any part thereof, is legal and does not violate intellectual and/or industrial property rights or any other sort of right of any third party. This action is purely exploratory and does not constitute a proposal to conclude a contract, and it is up to Clio Muse's discretion to select or reject your proposal. The submission of the proposal does not give rise to any right, claim, or demand, monetary or other, for any side.
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