Bike Parking Needs Survey
More and more Newburyport residents have been using bicycles to get around town, not only for recreation but also to attend movies, plays and concerts; to visit the Library; for coffee and dining; and for shopping and appointments. This year bike parking may become even more important, as businesses are opening back up and kids are heading back to school.

In many places in the downtown and throughout the City there aren’t enough places to park bikes conveniently, safely, securely, and out of the way of pedestrians. The City needs to purchase and install more bike racks, and to carefully plan the locations for new racks so that they don't interfere with pedestrians and businesses.

Newburyport Livable Streets will be developing a Bike Parking Master Plan to prioritize locations for new bike racks and to establish standards for the types of racks that should be used by both the City and private property owners. To start this process, we’re asking you to identify places where new or additional bike racks are needed. This survey has 15 questions and should take you less than 10 minutes to complete. Questions marked with a red * are required; others are for you to tell us anything additional if you want to. Thank you for helping us!
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