MBA Storm Check-in/COVID Protocol
REQUIRED: We ask that you complete this form before you enter either of our MBA Storm arenas at Morris or Benson for any event. This follows MDH Guidelines for COVID-19 contact tracking and daily symptoms tracking.
We appreciate your willingness and understanding during these times as we try to make our arenas the safest environment we can for you all!
First Name *
Last Name *
Phone Number *
What Arena are you entering? *
Purpose of visit? *
Specify your title? *
Level of Play? *
Town and Team Name? *
Fever? (100.4 or higher) *
Chills? *
A new cough? *
Shortness of breath? *
Sore throat? *
Muscle aches? *
Headache? *
Loss of taste or smell? *
If you answer YES to any of the following questions please do not enter our facility for the safety of all others! If you have NO symptoms please follow the following items when entering our facility:
1. Wear mask at all times inside (State requirement)
2. Physical Distance
3. Wash Hands and Practice Safe Hygiene Habits
4. Clean Surfaces & Equipment between uses
5. Staying Home When Sick Or Experiencing Any Symptoms
6. Follow all Minnesota Hockey Guidelines

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