#WomenInGeospatial network
Hello ladies (and supportive men)!

We were able to reach over 300 awesome women and supportive men in geospatial within two(!!) days on Twitter. There are many more potentially interested women (and supportive men) who do not even have Twitter. This is clearly a sign that there is a great interest in forming a community, getting to know each other and mutually exchange ideas, motivation and experiences.

A community / network can be set up in many different ways. It can be a community with local chapters worldwide or it can be more a brand and under this brand we can organise different kind of events.

As this community is from us and for us, we should decide together how we would mostly benefit from it. We developed this quick questionnaire about how you would like the network to be and how you would likely benefit and stay involved most.

It will not take longer than 2 minutes to fill it in.

Thanks a lot and looking forward to make a change together,
Julia and Claudia

P.S. Twitter lists are not the ideal way to communicate, as one cannot directly contact the list members. Thus, we start setting up a mailing list to keep you updated about the developments. If you would like to receive any updates regarding this network, please provide your email address. This information of course is treated highly confidential and will not be shared with third parties.

Email address *
Expectations and goals of this network
What do you expect from this new community / network? *
Preferred communication channels of the network
What is / are the best communication channel(s) to communicate with each other? *
Establishing the network / community requires some work especially at the beginning, e.g. we need a logo, we should set up the network’s mission statement, website, etc.We plan a kick-off call in the next couple of weeks.
Would you be interested to be actively involved and be a part of setting up this network? Please tell us on a scale from 1 to 5 how active you would like to be involved:
I only want to receive information and updates for now
Very active
Personal information
This is not mandatory, but it would be great to slowly getting to know you better.
What is your name?
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What do you do?
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