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To request a Writing Lab tutoring appointment, please complete this form. All appointment requests will be processed within 24 hours on business days. Requests will not be checked on weekends or holidays but will be processed the following business day.

A new form will need to be completed for each written assignment. Please do not request more than one appointment per form.

Please be sure to fill out all required fields and complete the two-step process. A missing field could cause a delay in your appointment being scheduled. We cannot complete the request and schedule an appointment if you do not email us a copy of your work. If there is an issue with this or you have questions, please email lspring@citadel.edu.

SEND A COPY OF YOUR CURRENT DRAFT AND THE ASSIGNMENT SHEET OR DIRECTIONS to writingssc@citadel.edu. You will receive a confirmation email with further directions once we have processed your request.

Thank you for your cooperation and patience during this time.
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Writing Lab Appointments are available in two formats: Synchronous Zoom Appointment or Asynchronous Correspondence Appointment. Please read their descriptions.
ASYNCHRONOUS CORRESPONDENCE APPOINTMENT: The paper and assignment directions are emailed to writingssc@citadel.edu as an attachment or sent as a shared document. A tutor will review the paper and provide feedback using the comment feature and track changes. The paper with feedback will be returned to the student via email.

SYNCHRONOUS ZOOM APPOINTMENT. The paper and assignment directions are emailed to writingssc@citadel.edu as an attachment or sent as a shared document.This appointment will be a live video conference. Utilizing Zoom, a video conferencing software, the student and tutor will meet online to read and discuss the paper. You will receive a Zoom meeting invitation with a Meeting ID via email from the tutor.
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