Global Game Jam 2013 Seeds for the Theme Committee
Each year there is a different theme for the Global Game Jam. The theme provides a starting point for the 48 h jam for thousands of jammers all around the world. The theme can be anything; it has been a sentence ("As long as we have each other, we never run out of problems" in 2009), a word ("Deception" in 2010; "Extinction" in 2011) and a picture (picture of Ouroboros in 2012). What will it be in 2013?

The theme is set by a committee each year. And now the <b>theme committee</b> for the Global Game Jam 2013 is about to start their work... And asks your input!

Please provide your ideas as <b>seeds</b> for the committee. Push your thoughts here and the committee will use your ideas, twisting and turning them, combining your ideas with other ideas and brainstorm more with the help of your input. Eventually and hopefully we will have <b>the best theme ever</b>! Stay tuned!

If you don't know what a game jam is, go to

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Idea for a theme for Global Game Jam 2013
You can provide a word, sentence, picture link, comment, anything...
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