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Parents: your completed entry, by Monday, September 16th, 2016, will earn your child a free HOMEWORK PASS- good for any assignment during the 1st 9 weeks!

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Your child has received, or will receive, a class syllabus sheet containing a wealth of information related to how Mr. Kubinak will conduct class. This information includes, but is not limited to, grading policies, rules/procedures, school supplies, schedules, and my contact information. Your child will keep a copy of this syllabus in their binder for future review. Please click below that you have read and understood that information. *
At various points during a week or learning unit, your child will utilize an Internet connection to access math resources (videos, mini-lessons, etc.). Many students will endeavor to complete such tasks outside of school, but it is clearly understood that some students may not be able to complete tasks due to a variety of factors. To that end, ALL STUDENTS WILL HAVE EQUAL OPPORTUNITY to utilize resources, whether in- or out-of-school, to complete web-related tasks, in a way that is respectful and meaningful. *
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Apart from regularly-planned classroom activities, students will use technology resources to accomplish math-related tasks including but not limited to, tablet PCs, laptop computers, and video recording hardware. When appropriate, students will have the ability to use their own electronic devices to accomplish class tasks. ANY STUDENT WHO BRINGS IN THEIR OWN ELECTRONIC DEVICE FOR SANCTIONED ACTIVITIES IS RESPONSIBLE FOR THE SAFEKEEPING OF THAT DEVICE, AND IN NO WAY WILL A TEACHER, SCHOOL, OR DISTRICT BE LIABLE IN THE EVENT OF LOSS, DAMAGE, AND/OR DESTRUCTION OF PERSONAL DEVICES. *
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At various points in the year, Mr. Kubinak may record lessons, activities, and/or take photographs during class. These media are collected for lesson plan reflection, and/or possible use in grant proposals. Students are not mentioned by name in these recordings. If you would prefer your child not be recorded, please select the statement below that fits that decision. *
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