Private and Cleaning request 18/19
Please submit all private and cleaning requests through this form every month.
Dancer Name *
Contact Name *
Collective dancer or parent may request privates. All other teams must be submitted by parent request.
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Collective may provide dancer or parent email. All other teams must provide parent contact email.
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Collective may provide dancer or parent phone number. All other teams must provide parent phone number.
What type of session would you like to request? *
If requesting a technique session, please select the style you'd like (Ballet privates are 1 hr).
Please list your availability and date/time preference (e.g. Thursday 6/25 from 1:00-2:00 or I am open any time on Thursday 6/25 between 9AM-4PM). *
Please be specific and list all dates available. If the dates you request are not available, your privates will not be booked. I have included doc with teacher availability in top section of form.
Payment preference *
CC charges will process on private date.
Feel free to provide any additional notes.
If requesting a group private, please list all dancers below
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