Volunteer Redcloaks – Fantasycon 2021

If you would like to volunteer for Fantasycon 2021, then we would like to hear from you by filling out the quick form below.

This year Fantasycon 2021 will be hosted from the 24th to 26th of September at The Jurys Inn, Broad St, Birmingham. As always, it would be impossible to run without the power of Redcloaks! This form is meant to give you an idea of what to expect should you accept this mission.

The Redcloaks are the face, hands, and feet of the convention (and on rare occasions the shoulder to cry on). Without them the event cannot happen. We are figuring out how many Redcloaks we will need at this venue, but we will need enough bodies to make sure it runs smoothly without people getting overwhelmed.

We would very much like Redcloaks who are willing to do the following:

1. To be on duty (wearing the red high vis) during most of the convention. Actual hours will vary with a rota for the volunteer team.

2. To be willing to greet members of the convention with a polite and friendly approach and able to refer any complaints or concerns to the HWS team or a volunteer specifically in a role to help with this. On site communication is dealt with via WhatsApp and radio.

3. To be part of a team with HWS members, BFS and other volunteers. While we are very happy for you to assist attendees where asked, we would not want you to feel that you are there to fetch and carry for attendees, so we are keen that we, as a team, establish boundaries.

4. To be flexible about attending programme items. We will try to make it possible for you to attend any parts of the program you really want to see, but we cannot guarantee it as some events will be popular with a lot of Redcloaks. Please bear with us and understand that we will try our best to accommodate you, but need to balance the team's needs.

We would like to facilities your volunteering and lower the financial barrier to taking part.
To achieve this we are able to do the following:

· Provide a shared room in the convention hotel for the duration of the event (2 people per room)

· Refund parking costs (at designated areas) during the convention.

· Provide a Redcloak rest room for your use throughout the convention.

· Lunch and dinner breaks are pretty much mandatory, in our opinion. Breakfast, lunch, and dinner will be provided, as will soft drinks.

· Provide Red High Vis to wear when on duty

We will be in touch as soon as we can to confirm your volunteer role.
Thank you for Volunteering!

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Would you like to stay at the hotel before or after the event at your own cost. If so what dates?
Timing preference/needs eg prefer to be up early and bed early or prefer to be up late and bed late.
Which activities would you like to do? *
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Registration & information desk
Programme rooms / timings / changeover
Putting together packs / goodie bags
Selling, organising and helping in dealers room
Helping before the event putting together information and documents for attendees.
Event Social Media
Technology - microphones, recording, streaming.
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