FEJS Task Force Meeting 2017 Registration Form
Dear FEJS members!

We organize an informal event since the AC in The Netherlands could not take place. During this event we would like to see each other and talk about FEJS future. The event will take place from 29th of June 2017 to 3rd of July 2017 in Vienna, Austria.

This event is not an official General Assembly or Annual Congress of FEJS. So there is no official committee that organizes this, and the program will slightly differ from usual events of our organization. If you would like to come, please be willing to participate in the planning of this trip. You can do that by taking initiative, come up with good ideas. It's very welcome! The topic of the event will be the future of FEJS itself, but besides that there will be enough time to network and share ideas and perspectives on current topics. Due to the informal character of the event, the participation fee will be higher than usually and comprise of 180 euro.

Please note that you need to apply until Friday, 9th of June 2017. Moreover, you need to pay the participation fee of 180€ immediately upon registration, meaning that we must receive your payment until Tuesday, 13th of June. In case we cannot accept your application, your fee will be refunded by us. Please note that we cannot refund your fee in case you cancel your attendance after Tuesday, 13th of June.

Please pay your participation fee on the following bank account:
Name: Severin Rosenberger
IBAN: AT55 2011 1292 5841 5500
Reference: Your name + Vienna 2017

In case you want to participate in our task force meeting, please fill in the form below.

Looking forward to see you in Vienna in a few weeks!
Kind regards

The FEJS task force meeting team
Contact: Severin Rosenberger, severin.rosenberger@sandrats.at
For questions about the registration process: FEJS Secretariat, sec@fejsint.org

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