OPRAmachine Research Fellowship Application
This is the application form to apply for the OPRAmachine Research Fellowship. OPRAmachine Research Fellows will be provided a free OPRAmachine Pro account, which allows the usage of advanced features beyond those offered to free users for up to one year (a $144 value) in exchange for using the site to research an issue of public concern affecting New Jersey residents.

Individuals and / or organizations selected to become Research Fellows will be provided all Pro features for free (normally $12 per month) in addition to training on how to best utilize batch and private request features provided they meet the following conditions:

1 - They will publish a public interest news story, blog post, database, policy brief, video, or report using data obtained under OPRA using OPRAmachine in support of their research.

2 - The work must be of a nonprofit, educational, advocacy or journalistic nature and not solely for commercial use. The final product should not be behind a paywall and must be viewable by members of the public and on the OPRAmachine website.

3 - At the conclusion of the project, the awardee will make all OPRA requests publicly accessible on OPRAmachine, but may keep them private during the duration of their work if they choose.

Please submit all applications by October1st, 2020 in order to be considered. We will make these awards to up to 5 proposed projects.

Please direct all questions to info@opramachine.com. No phone calls please.
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Are there any outside organizations that have partnered with you for this project? Tell us about any collaboration efforts or grants received here. We will look favorably upon projects with community support.
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