2019 General Application For The Urban Canopy
Hello potential new UC Crew member,

We would love to get to know you better! In lieu of a cover letter, we would like for applicants to respond to this form and four questions that we think target some of the experiences that we are looking for. Please note that you cannot return the the form after submission so have a resume in PDF form prepared to upload and answers ready before submitting your application.


-Kate and The Urban Canopy Crew

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Which position(s) are you interested in applying for? Select all that apply. *
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Short Answer Questions
There are absolutely no wrong answers to these questions. We are aware they can be difficult and are hoping that they get you thinking about what you would bring to The Urban Canopy. Please write at least a paragraph, but no more than two.
What are past experiences, professional or otherwise, that you think you would use in your position at The Urban Canopy? *
The Urban Canopy is attempting to creating systemic change in the food system which means we face a number of predictable and unpredictable challenges. Please provide an experience (not necessarily professional) when you had to react to an unexpected challenges. *
Provide an example of when you worked on a team (not necessarily professional). What were some of the challenges and opportunities of this experience and what was the outcome? *
What are your passions and talents outside of local food systems? *
Please upload your resume as a PDF. *
Thank you!!!
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