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1. We ___ American.
2. Is Mont Blanc ___ mountain in Europe?
3. I like ___ in the morning.
4. He ___ playing the piano.
5. There isn’t ___ pasta in the kitchen.
6. I always ___.
7. I ___ to classical music.
8. This isn’t my money. It’s ___.
9. I haven’t ___ this photo before.
10. They didn’t ___ the tickets.
11. Who ___ the answer to this questions.
12. Richard isn’t very good ____?
13. It’s important ___ too much alcohol.
14. My father ___ be a builder.
15. ___ dinner in a restaurant today.
16. It ___ when they went out.
17. ____ I worked hard, I didn’t pass the test.
18. Come on, it’s time ____.
19. Cameras aren’t allowed here – you ___ take photos.
20. Can you look ____ my dog this weekend?
21. We ____ together since last year.
22. They won’t ____ use their mobiles.
23. We were really ____ with the weather.
24. Would you marry him if he ____ you?
25. I refused ____ to them.
26. There were ___ people at the match.
27. When is that letter ___ ?
29. ___Love is more important than ____money.
30. I studied chemistry at ___ university.
31. When ____ the picnic, they went for a swim in the lake.
32. Shall I ring you at one o’clock? No, my lunch hour is earlier tomorrow so ____ my lunch in the canteen then. Ring me at about one-thirty.
33. The builders ____ the house by the end of this month.
34. I ran all the way to the station but when I got there I realized that ____ because all trains were delayed.
35. When I got home I looked at the bill and realised the restaurant ____ added it up wrong so I’d paid too much.
36. Katie ___ her hair cut short when she left school.
37. My grandfather remembers ___ into this house when he was a very small boy.
38. Gareth ___ he was never going to lend Robert anything again.
39. Liam would have saved a lot of money, if he ___ to my advice.
40. Since ___ school, Sheila has had several interesting jobs.
41. He was wearing….riding boots.
42. That…. be Roger at the door – it’s too early.
43. If you have trouble going to sleep, try… a glass of milk before bedtime.
44. Which of these sentences are correct in spoken English? Here can be more than one correct answer.
45. It’s time you…. home, but I’d rather you….. here.
46. John Hastings, …………, has just come to live in our street.
47. There’s a supermarket…..our house.
49. Nobody phoned, did……?
50. I wonder if John …..this evening.
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