Join the LMC for the 5th grade Student/Parent Book Club - rescheduled for April 19
As many of you know, reading the same book as your student is always a special chance to enhance the reading experience and for a parent to model their love of reading! In this club we hope to read good literature together, connect, explore topics and acquire different insights. We hope the club will meet 2-3 times this school year, depending on interest.

First Meeting:
5th Grade students/parents: Tuesday, April 19, at 6:30-7:30 pm
Read: Wild Wings by Gil Lewis

The book is available in the LMC on a limited (first come, first served) basis, at AHML, or can be purchased in bookstores in paperback.

Wild Wings
Wild Wings - In a small town in Scotland, Collum sticks up for and befriends a strange new girl, Iona, when his friends make fun of her. In return Iona shares her secret with Collum, a rare osprey’s nest. Together they watch over and protect the osprey and her nest and even contact a ranger who tags the bird so they can keep track of the bird on her long migration to Africa for the winter. Eventually Collum must try to save the bird from danger, which will involve a girl in Gambia as well as his whole town.
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