Online Application Form for PPAN 2018 DKI Jakarta [PCMI Jakarta]
Welcome to Online Application Form for International Youth Exchange Program 2018 of DKI Jakarta; also called Program PPAN (Pertukaran Pemuda AntarNegara) 2018 by PCMI (Purna Caraka Muda Indonesia) Jakarta.

In order to be considered valid and complete, your application package must include:

1) Scan of your DKI Jakarta ID Card (KTP), saved in the following format: ID_City_FirstNameLastName.pdf (Example: ID_CentralJakarta_LoremIpsum.pdf);

2) Your Curriculum Vitae (max. 1 page), saved in the following format: CV_City_FirstNameLastName.pdf (Example: CV_CentralJakarta_LoremIpsum.pdf);

3) Scan of your Bank Account (first page), saved in the following format: BA_City_FirstNameLastName.pdf (Example: BA_CentralJakarta_LoremIpsum.pdf).

If your application package is not complete or not saved according to the proper format, it will not be reviewed.

We encourage applicants to submit their applications as early as possible and fill this application form using English. Should you have questions regarding this application form, please contact the committee at or via our official Instagram account: PCMIJakarta.

Because of different agenda or timeline set by the local youth government (Suku Dinas Olahraga dan Pemuda Kota Administrasi) in 5 administration cities of DKI Jakarta: East Jakarta, Central Jakarta, South Jakarta, West Jakarta, North Jakarta & Thousand Islands, the Regional-Level Selection will be in different day to each other. All applicants are required to register for the Regional-Level Selection based on their administration city on the ID.

Deadline of Application / Online-Administration Selection (Seleksi Administrasi Online):
West Jakarta: 9th April 2018, 11:59 pm (Jakarta Local Time);
North Jakarta & Thousand Islands: 10th April 2018, 11:59 pm (Jakarta Local Time).

Announcement for applicants who passed the Online-Administration Selection and allowed to join the Regional-Level Selection based on their registered administration city in ID Card:
West Jakarta: 10th April 2018;
North Jakarta & Thousand Islands: 11th April 2018.

Date of Regional-Level Selection (Seleksi Tingkat Wilayah / Kota Administrasi):
West Jakarta: Saturday to Sunday, 14th-15th April 2018;
North Jakarta & Thousand Islands: Saturday to Sunday, 14th-15th April 2018.

Calling for Youths!
Administration City *
Choose one of the administration city based on your registered ID Card. If you pass this Online-Administration Selection, then you will be appointed for the schedule and location of Regional-Level Selection based on your administration city.
ID Card Number *
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