Bravo Medical Magnet High School - - Prep 4 Success Summer Bridge 2020 Registration Form
Welcome incoming Bravo High School Class of 2024 Students!

Please fill out the information below. Let's get ready to start the new school year!

Are you feeling nervous and/or excited about starting high school? Join our Summer Bridge Program to help you transition from middle school to high school:
1. Pick up a Chromebook and materials before any other class (week of July 27-July 31)
2. Come virtually meet your future classmates and teachers to get a better sense of what Bravo high school is all about
3. Earn 2.5 credits for your participation and completion of the Summer Bridge Program

How long is the program? The program starts August 3-August 14. The program runs from 8:30-12:30, but you will log on at 9:30-10:30 for live instruction. Please watch the short video below for more information about the program

NOTE- You MUST use either an LAUSD MyMail Account OR a Google Gmail Account to register:
• Use an LAUSD MyMail Account if you are have been an enrolled LAUSD Student with MyMail and access to Schoology).
• Use an existing GMAIL account or create a new one if you do NOT have an existing LAUSD MyMail account.
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Bravo Freshman Summer Bridge 2020 Video
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