Metasploit Framework Spring 2018 Community Survey
The following questions pertain to the Metasploit data model and database. Your response will help us determine the direction of the new backend service for Metasploit, dubbed 'Goliath'. For more information on the new backend service see the April 2nd, 2018 Metasploit Wrapup.
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I am a (check all that apply): *
If you selected "Other security tool developer or contributor" above, please provide project URLs.
Considering Metasploit workspaces... *
Metasploit workspaces don’t allow me to, or I wish I could:
How do you use the Metasploit database? (Note, commands such as creds, hosts, loot, notes, services, vulns and workspace retrieve data from the database.)
What specific data produced by Metasploit do you use with tools outside of Metasploit?
How do you extract and use this data?
How would you like to view or reuse data and logs generated by a module run?
What tools or features are you using outside of Metasploit that you would like to perform within Metasploit?
When developing a Metasploit module and I have a need to store data I would prefer a:
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What issues have you had when writing a Metasploit module and needing to store data produced by the module?
What type of data would you like to store in the Metasploit database? Please provide details and even sample data.
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