CFAT In-Kind Support Application
The Centre for Art Tapes has a long history of supporting our community with access to our equipment and facilities – this support is made in the spirit of community engagement, accessibility and similar organizational values. Requests for in-kind support are reviewed by our Core Staff each month, please plan 4-6 weeks ahead.

Please keep in mind that our rental rates are already subsidized through donations, government support and fundraising – and that CFAT is proud to offer equipment and facilities that are well below commercial rates, providing special discounted rates to non-profits and community groups all of the time. Please remember that our equipment and staff time is limited, and that we can’t prioritize in-kind support over our existing programs.

In-kind support is only provided to non-profits, community and ad-hoc groups, and cultural organizations. Individuals seeking free access to CFAT can apply to our Technical Grants program, or inquire about volunteering in exchange for CFAT dollars.

If you are not comfortable applying with the online form you can pick up a copy of this form at our office, ask us to email you a fillable PDF or schedule a meeting to apply in person or over the phone.

Please contact if you have questions or would like support with this application
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*hot tip: we always provide our project room for free as a meeting space for cultural/arts groups – there’s no need to fill out this application, just contact us!
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If you have a specific amount that you can afford, please select OTHER and specify that amount (for example: an organization is planning and event and has set aside $50 for equipment rentals to document it, they can ask for the equipment that they need charged to a maximum of $50 - CFAT will provide rentals beyond that amount in-kind)
What's the timeline for your request?
Please note that CFAT will not normally provide equipment for more than 30 days straight. Please specify the total amount of time that you need, including any time for set-up. If you have a more complicated timeline (such as every weekend for 2 months) then add the total timeline here, and mention that in the next question
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