Bakersville School Survey BOY- 2018-2019 Parents/Guardians
Please feel free to answer all questions honestly and completely, knowing this serves only to reflect upon in making improvements to our school climate and school structure for the next school year. We will review this data to make recommendations and improvements as needed going forward. Please complete this survey by 10/31/18 for a chance to win a $25 gift card to Market Basket. Thank you in advance.
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I feel my children are safe and in good care when they are at school. *
I feel welcome and comfortable at the school. *
My child(ren)'s teacher(s) have communicated well with me this year. *
Teachers and staff at this school work to create a positive, supportive climate for the students. *
My child(ren) look(s) forward to coming into school most days. *
I have met with and/or conferred with my students' teacher(s) this school year. *
I would like to know more about school expectations and how I can help my child in school. *
There is a fair amount of access to technology at the school. *
My child(ren)'s homework expectations are clear to me. *
Overall, I am pleased with my child(ren)'s school experience this year. *
Other comments or concerns? Thank you!
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