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The Voyager School operates on these assumptions adapted from Dr. Roland Barth's "Assumptions About Learning and Knowledge."
We do expect that all enrolled students will remain with the Voyager School through the 6th grade.
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Children are naturally curious and will explore their environment without adult intervention. * *
Self-motivation should be nurtured in children as early as possible. * *
Confidence in one’s self is strongly related to reaching a high level of learning and making important choices affecting one’s learning. * *
Active exploration in a rich environment, which offers a wide array of manipulative materials, will facilitate children’s learning. * *
Play is not necessarily distinguished from work as the main way children learn. * *
Children will be more likely to learn if they are given considerable choice in the selection of the materials they wish to work with and in the choice of questions they wish to pursue concerning these materials. * *
If a child is fully involved in and having fun with an activity, then learning is taking place. * *
When children learn something that seems important to them, they will wish to share it with others. * *
Children learn and develop intellectually, emotionally, and socially at their own rates. * *
Mistakes are a necessary part of the learning process; they are to be expected and even desired, for they contain information essential for further learning. * *
Objective assessments do not necessarily measure the most important qualities of a person’s learning *
Objective measures of performance may have a negative effect on learning. * *
Learning is most often best assessed by direct observation. * *
One of the most effective ways of evaluating the effect of the school experience on a child is to observe that child over many years. * *
The real purpose of education is to produce lifelong learners, as knowledge is only one of the aspects of an education. * *
Children learn best with an integrated curriculum where each subject is related. * *
It is possible that an individual may learn and possess knowledge and yet be unable to display it in traditional ways. * *
With guidance, setting one’s own goals and evaluating one’s own progress should be the privilege and responsibility of the child. * *
Our American values of democracy, rights, and responsibilities can be most effectively taught by allowing children to actively participate in decision-making and problem solving. * *
Schools must nurture a child’s strengths in order to effectively improve a child’s area of weakness. * *
Developing a child’s emotional and social abilities are as important as developing the child’s intellectual needs. * *
The pursuit of knowledge should be a personal journey of joy for children, rather than imposed on them from adults or from competition with others. * *
Self-discovery and developing one’s uniqueness should be a priority of the school experience. * *
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