The Boone Unitarian Universalist Fellowship (BUUF) is pleased to make our facilities available to members, community and non-profit groups, private individuals and groups. Requests for use of the facilities must be made through the Fellowship Administrator, who may be reached at 828.262.4456.

A “Facility Use Agreement” and all other pertinent forms must be signed by someone 18 years and older, who, as a representative of the group requesting use of BUUF buildings, agrees to abide by the policies and procedures and rules and conditions set forth herein. This is applicable to BUUF members and non-members, for use of the building outside of BUUF purposes (defined as regularly scheduled or special events sanctioned by the Board of Trustees [BOT]).

Fees for building use are outlined in the Rental Fee Schedule. The person responsible for use of the building will provide a deposit of $100.00, unless they are a current BUUF member in good standing. The deposit will be refunded if the conditions of the agreement are met. Any deviation of this policy must be approved by the BOT.

All facility users must abide by the following rules and conditions:

1) Only the rooms/buildings and entrances designated on the Facility Use Agreement may be used.

2) Premises shall be left by user in a clean and orderly condition, with chairs and podium arranged as directed by the Fellowship Administrator (a diagram will be provided). Any safety concerns or damage discovered upon first entering the building must be brought to the immediate attention of the Fellowship Administrator.

3) The method of access to the property and/or need of a Building Attendant for an event will be determined by the BOT, based on the nature of the event and number of attendees expected. A BUUF member (or on-site BUUF Building Attendant if deemed necessary by the BOT) must be on site to unlock the building(s), operate A/V if it has been planned for use, provide emergency assistance if needed, and secure the building(s) after the event. If a key is provided to access the property, it is to be returned to the Fellowship Administrator the day following the event.

4) Additional rules specific to kitchen use:
     A. BUUF is a green congregation; please do not use Styrofoam products.
     B. All dishes should be in the dishwasher (no dirty dishes left in sink)
     C. Counters, sink and stove should be wiped clean; no leftover food on counters or in refrigerator.
     D. Take any trash you have accumulated off the premises. Bags are provided. You are encouraged to recycle those items that qualify.
     E. Check to be sure all coffee pots are disconnected and stove burners and oven are turned off.

5) Additional rules specific to Fellowship Hall use:
     A. All chairs and podium returned to original placement.
     B. Vacuum entire hall. Remove any traces of food and/or beverage.
     C. Audio-visual & sound systems may only be used if a trained BUUF member or Building Attendant is present.
     D. Before leaving turn off all lights and fans. Be sure all windows and both sets of doors are locked.
     E. Take any trash you have accumulated off the premises.

6) In all advertisements for and invitations to your meeting or event, please use 381 East King Street as the address, omitting any reference to BUUF property.

7) In any printed materials please use the following disclaimer: In permitting use of its premises, the Boone Unitarian Universalist Fellowship does not necessarily support or endorse the philosophy of the renter.

8) Do not move materials other than your own from one room to another.

9) No equipment and supplies belonging to BUUF are to be used unless prior approval has been received from the Fellowship Administrator. Audio/visual equipment use may only be permitted by a trained BUUF member or BUUF Building Attendant.


11) The BUUF building and grounds shall not be used for any activity which violates town, county, state, or federal law. Political advertising is not to be displayed on BUUF grounds.

12) The BUUF building(s) shall not be left unattended at any time while unlocked.

13) Before departing the BUUF facilities, turn off all lights, fans, water and appliances. Unless there is extreme temperatures, please leave thermostat as is.

14) The BUUF buildings exist primarily for use of the Fellowship. In the event that the Fellowship should suddenly and unexpectedly need the building for its own use (example: memorial services), members and community groups may be asked to forfeit a regularly scheduled meeting or event. We will try to give users ample time to adjust their times and programs.

15) If your group uses this facility for regular meetings or events, we ask that you read these policies and procedures your groups at least once a quarter. You will be responsible for your group's compliance to the above guidelines. The Fellowship reserves the right to terminate a contract if parties fail to comply with guidelines. Individuals and groups unable to use the property responsibly, according to the above rules and conditions, will not be permitted continued use.

Accepted building reservations are posted on the BUUF Calendar at buuf.net.

Thank you very much for your attention and cooperation in helping to maintain our facilities.
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