Hand Embroidered Pet Portrait Waitlist Form
Upon completion of this form, you will be added to my waitlist for a 5" custom pet portrait.
The creation of a hand embroidered custom portrait is a slow and complex process, with each 5" hoop requiring many hours of embroidery time.
The best things in life are worth waiting for, and I hope you can be patient with me whilst I embroider my way through as many portraits as I can.

Before filling out this form, please read the information regarding pricing and photograph guidelines on my website

Stage 1 /
When I am ready to take your order, you will be contacted by me via email, at this stage I will be reviewing your photos and making sure we have everything ready to begin the embroidered portrait. Please note you may be removed from the waiting list if there is no reply within two days, or I am unable to embroider the portrait due to lack of acceptable photographs.
Stage 2 /
Once we have agreed on the photo and confirmed your spot, I will invoice you for your order.
All orders must be paid in full before I can start your commission. Once payment has been made, I predict it will be 4-8 weeks until you have your custom embroidered hoop in your hands, but hopefully a lot sooner!
Stage 3 /
At this stage I will be working on creating a mock up photo for your approval, sketching an outline of your pet, getting the composition right, transferring the outline to fabric, choosing embroidery floss colours and then beginning the embroidery process itself.
Stage 4 /
This is where I have begun the actual embroidery itself. I will be spending many hours meticulously and lovingly embroidering your beloved pet until completion. I will keep you updated with photos throughout the process and then once you have approved the final piece, I will post your hoop out to you, where ever you are worldwide!


- I may release 5 first come, first serve slots in my Etsy shop once a year at my discretion so please make sure you are also signed up to my newsletter to be notified: http://eepurl.com/bPeuWv.

- Due to the effort and time that goes into the unique pet embroideries, please note that full refunds cannot be issued.

- Please note that submitting this form does not absolutely guarantee you a commission slot as I can only embroider so many portraits each year. I cannot predict what the estimated time frame will be until I can take on a new commission, but please know I will be embroidering as many pet portraits as I can.

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