Melee Online Event Calendar Submission
Do you have an online event that you'd like to have featured on the calendar? Whether it's a weekly, monthly, or major, all events are welcome!

Once submitted, we will review your submission and approve it within 24 hours. Please only fill out the form if you are the main organizer of the event, or directly affiliated with it.

If you have any questions, please DM @Cagt3000 on Twitter.
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Please list the contact information as well (Twitter/Discord preferred).
When is your event? *
If it's a re-occurring event, please specify which day it is on.
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What time does your event start at? *
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Is your event region locked? *
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Is there a cap for your event? *
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What's the entry fee of your event? *
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What is the registration link of your event? *
If hosting a re-occurring event, please remember to set a short URL in the "Details" tab of the smashgg admin page, and make sure to update it each new iteration, so that we do not have to update the link every week.
Where is your event being streamed at? *
Where are the VODs being uploaded to? *
What is the link to the Discord server for your event? *
Has your event been announced yet? *
If not, please make sure to contact me at @Cagt3000 to confirm, and contact me again once you've announced the event.
Are you looking for experienced TOs and/or seeders for your event? *
If so, please contact me @Cagt3000.
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