The 2020 Columbiana Christmas Participant Registration Form
November 20, 2020 Registration and Setup Begins at 4:30pm (Joshua Dixon Elementary School) Display Route Open from 6:00pm -7:00pm (Main Street Columbiana)
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(Please Read and Confirm By Checking the Box Below.) RULES & REGULATIONS •Your organization will be creating a stationary display for the Christmas Spectacular Display Route. It does not have to be “Mobile”. However, if you wish to create your one-sided display on a trailer, for convenience, your group may do so. •Your Display will be lined up in order of arrival to registration, in the north bound lane on Main St. So, the first to check in at registration will be the last in the Display Route. •Just the same as in our traditional parade, you must provide your own electric (Generator) for any lights, music etc. that are a part of your display. The Display Route is open for One Hour so plan accordingly. •The Spectators will be moving at 5MPH in their own vehicles past your display, heading south on Main street. •Your display will be 6 feet socially distant from any other display along the route •Any participants within your display must maintain social distancing guidelines of 6 feet within your display. •Our “Christmas Spectacular” Participants will be required to wear a face mask during set up and tear down. unless a participant has a health issue that prevents them from doing so. When the display is set and participants are set within the display, distanced 6 feet from others, they may remove their mask if desired. Moving around within or outside of your display requires a mask. Families that live together may be next to each other within a display. •Participants will be responsible for their own marketing and signage for their display, including people, signage, electric, music, lighting, and marketing messages. However, NO spectator handouts will be permitted throughout the Display Route, Including candy, flyers, coupons, and any promotional materials. There is to be no physical contact between the Participants and the Spectators. •NO UNIT IS TO HAVE A PERSON IN COSTUME DEPICTING SANTA CLAUS! We do not wish to confuse children by having more than one Santa. Santa will be in a display at the end of the Display Route. •The Christmas Spectacular Committee has the right to deny or accept any application for entry into the Display Route for reasons determined by the committee. •ONLY INTERMITTENT SIRENS WILL BE PERMITTED DURING THE DISPLAY ROUTE. However, we ask that you are considerate of the other units (Bands, etc.). Please do not drown out the music or entertainment of another unit. • Unfortunately, “Animal Units” that may have difficulty staying in one place for long periods of time are prohibited from being a participant this year. If animals are being used in a display along the route, the participating group is responsible for cleaning up after the animals and leaving no trace after the event is over. •FOR SAFETY REASONS, NO RIFLE DRILL TEAM MAY DISCHARGE THEIR WEAPONS AT ANY TIME. *
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