Orbis Chess Bullet Tournament Sign-Ups
Signups are free!

$50m in prizes:
$35m to the winner
$5m to the best game played
$5m to the best beginner/most improved
$5m to the biggest upset

-All games are 1+0.
-Everyone plays two games vs. each opponent, one as white and one as black.
-This tournament is a Round-Robin Knockout:
-In the qualifiers, everyone will be put into groups of 4 (subject to change). Everyone plays everyone else. Deadline to play all games is 1 week.
-Top 2 from each group will be seeded into a knockout bracket.
-Winner is the last one standing!
-No cheating (duh). Very easy to spot cheaters, and you will get banned on both the site and from the Discord. Contact a mod or admin if you think your opponent is cheating.
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