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Erasmus + training course in Brioude, France.

25th July – 1st August 2019
2 participants from Hungary
Age of participants: 18+

Participation fee: 10 000 HUF. If you are chosen to participate and can't pay because of economic/social obstacles, please contact us explaining the situation and we can find a solution.
NOTE: For this training course, there is also a participation fee from the host organization (sliding scale 40-100€). More info: https://drive.google.com/file/d/10tz6qauGpsfn4KppyT4M8oIJE1CfuEEs/view?usp=sharing

All the costs (travel, accommodation, meals, materials) are covered by Erasmus+. Travel cost reimbursement for Hungarian participants: 275€/participant.

Application deadline: 20th May 2019

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