Edinburgh Festival Carnival - Volunteer Application
Edinburgh Festival Carnival, on Sunday 14th July, is an annual multicultural, high-profile event that bring together international, national and local performers to celebrate diverse carnival traditions of the world, resulting in fabulous spectacles in the heart of Scotland’s capital.

Over the years, Edinburgh Festival Carnival has grown larger and stronger and this is due to the hard work of our performers, artist, the events team, and especially our volunteers. We couldn’t have achieved what we have without your hard work.

This year we are looking for volunteers to be costume wearers!
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I go to Dancebase as I love dance. I am in 24 Carat, a Community Dance Group for dancers over 60.
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16 Rosefield Street EDINBURGH EH15 1AY *
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07415987176 *
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Dance, Music Theatre
What's your experience in events and public facing roles? Any other experience relevant to the carnival and performance? what moves you?Have also done Bellydance in my younger days and some time ago walked in the original Princes Street carnival in Bellydance costume *
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Address 25 Moredun Dell EH17 1NY *
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01316692004 *
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By submitting this application, you are agreeing to volunteer for the roles and positions you have stated. You are giving permission to Edinburgh Jazz & Blues Festival to use of any photographs or videos taken at the carnival for future publicity and for use on their social media and website. Do you understand and agree to this? *
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