Applications and Web Content Accessibility Training ­Questionnaire
In the face of aging societies and the growing number of users with special needs, a group of
universities from all over Europe plans to create a applications and web content accessibility training
which will be available on the 1st cycle of studies.
During the course student will have the opportunity to get acquainted with:
• introduction to accessibility and whom digital accessibility is important for,
• guidelines about the accessibility of digital information on the Internet and mobile apps,
• creating accessible digital content (documents, multimedia’s, etc.),
• technical solutions (coding, testing, reporting, etc.).
The course will last one semester and will take total 150 working hours to Complete, including 30
hours of classroom training and 60 hours of asynchronous e­learning materials study and 60 hours of
development of the final project (WCAG 2.0. compatible website or application interface). This
blended learning gives students possibility to more flexible using of their time, by providing them
basic information during classroom hours, and by the demonstrations, movies and exercises, that
expand each issues during e­learning hours.
however, before we start creating syllabus, we would like to know what you expect from such a
course. If you agree to answer the 6 questions below, you will help us create a perfect training, which
will be according to students' expectations.
Could the subject of the course interest you? *
Do you consider the accessibility of digital information to be important? *
Do you think that the subject of the course may be useful in your future job? *
Is the duration of the course appropriate to you? *
Is the form of the course appropriate to you? *
If you expect more from such training, tell us please, what is it. *
Field of study * *
Cycle of studies * *
Age *
Sex *
Country of study *
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