Essential Leadership Development Training Application
Dear Friend,

Welcome to your “Essential Leadership Development!”™ Training Program Application process!

We are thrilled to have you contact us and want to help you get started as quickly, and easily as possible.

Your Application for the “Essential Leadership Development!”™ Training Program is below. To help us serve you best, we've also developed the brief questionnaire that accompanies it.

Please 'reply' to this email and complete the Application. Answer each question on the Questionnaire as thoroughly and thoughtfully as you can.

In this way, we can get clear about what you say you have at stake in being in this program and what you hope to achieve in your work with us.

We, at Purpose, Power, and Lifestyle Design (PPLD) are standing for all that's possible for you in your organization, your career, and your life. We look forward to helping you achieve your success dreams through our “Essential Leadership Development!”™ Training Program.

Please let me know if there is anything I can do to assist you.


Mary Opemipo

Program Administrator
“Essential Leadership Development!” Training Program
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