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Yeye Agency supports the expansion of companies into new markets by establishing, developing new companies and providing market entry services such as market research, finding buyers for your products. After filling the form below, you will arrange a free consultation online meeting, afterwards, you will receive your tailor-made business plan and proposal.
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The name of the company has to be checked whether already same or similar name exits or not. / Aynı veya benzer isimle şirketin olup olmadığı kontrol edilecektir.
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For Ex: Trade, web design, manufacturer.
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(ENG) The capital amount of the company must be deposited into the bank with the establishment of the company. Although the minimum amount of capital is 1 Euro in many countries, the recommended amount starts at around 5,000 EUR. You will be able to use the amount invested in capital to cover the company's expenses.
How many shareholders will be and what will be their % of shares? *
(ENG) The partner of the company can also be a person or a company that is already active. You can determine the percentages as you wish. Each shareholder must invest investment capital as much as his share.
What is the name of the executive director(s) of the company? *
(ENG) The authorized manager of the company is the person responsible for carrying out the company's activities. It can be any Turkish or foreign citizen. There may be more than one or only one local or foreign authorized manager.
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