World Peace in 2018
In this monthly group proxy series with Carolyn Winter each participant may focus their intention on an area of the world that needs peace and name a personal intention of any kind as well. Set your 2 intentions once and notice the changes that occur with every session both in yourself and in the world.

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World Peace Topic Description
What one world situation do you want to address in the upcoming 12 sessions? Name something specific that has meaning for you either because it has your attention in the daily news, or you have a personal connection. For example, violence in your home town or country of origin, a country facing famine, or perhaps the extinction of certain animal, ocean polution etc. I will use these descriptions for background information in the sessions.
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What is your specific intention for peace for your chosen WPH topic?
Make a present tense statement of intention that we will use in all 12 sessions. What specific outcomes do you wish to intend? For example: We support the xxx country in becoming self reliant and healthy food is abundant for everyone.
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What is your intention for your life situation in 2018?
In her book "The Power of Eight" investigative journalist and author Lynne McTaggart, found that people involved in prayer groups or her own intention experiments for peace experienced unexpected personal gains and results. These included health, career, relationships and more. She attributes the powerful manifestation of intention to the power of group energy making coherent intentions. It is as if the universe is thanking each participant for their heartfelt contribution to humanity. Where would you like to focus this energy in your life? What do you intend for yourself in 2018? Again simple and shorter is better....
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Email For the post session Survey
At the end of the series (December 2018) we'll survey all participants to see if the 12 sessions made a difference to your peace topic and/or your personal intention. Please include me in the post series survey and email me the form to report my results. WHAT IS YOUR EMAIL ADDRESS?
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